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Paradiddle Records announces the release on August 21, 2020.

I wrote "Particle and Wave" on the morning of the March For Our Lives. I remember learning light can move like a particle or like a wave. Those young people continue to bring light to a dark time. There is goodness in the world. JG

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Latest update:... An online evening with John Gorka (May 20, 2021)   Lastest update: John Gorka live at Exit 97.7 WEXT (Jan 2019) //John Gorka live on nhpr in the Folkshow (May 2018) // John Gorka live on Mountain Stage (may 2018)   Lastest update: A comprehensive interview John made during this Covid-9 pandemic with (June 6, 2020)  



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After a period of two years John Gorka came back to the Netherlands in February 2016 for five shows and a videosession for this website.   - I Saw a Stranger with Your Hair
- Semper Fi
- Love is Our Cross to Bear
- Love’s Been Good to Me
  -Mennonite Girl
-True in Time
-Bonus Track: Brown shirts
  On this page you can find a lot of live videos in the Netherlands & Germany (also a Radio Bremen zwei recording with good audio)


From the early Godfrey Daniels years til now... 11 CD reviews, live broadcasting, videos, interviews, etc.   Pages about Prince, John Jennings, Willem Leeuwenhoek, Pete Seeger, Ann Marsden, Bill Morrissey, Jack Hardy & Bob Feldman...   The Gypsy Life Fansite This is a link to the first John Gorka fansite made by Cynthia Susan Finn and Paula Bryn Benson (1999-2006)



Recorded in the dressingroom at Paradiso in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on December 15, 2010   An interview about John Gorka and a live version of 'Where No Monument Stands'. Recorded in the Hague, the Netherlands, April 25, 2012.  

An interview I did in the Hague in May 2009 with John about his music and family life



39 tracks! Latest update: Ad Vanderveen "Another song" CD: Denver Nevada (Feb 2018)   Last update: 500 miles (Hady West song) live on "Out of the Woods Radio (April 15, 2016)   Nearly 50 artist who played John his beautiful songs ( Lucy Kaplansky, Mary Black, Antje Duvekot, David wilcox, Daithi Rua, etc etc)   Nearly 35 John Gorka covers by his fans on YouTube!


John Gorka Tourdates and several links.
  The second tour from John in Lithuania (Eastern Europe): Tai-as Festival 2012 with articles, videos and photos.   The High Street Records John Gorka videoclips from the early nineties and a number of television appearances from the first half of the 1990s   Last update: Photos from sound check, rehearsal, and performance in Corrales, NM made by LANCE W. OZIER from New Mexico (March 2016)


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