February 16, 2024

John Gorka's Occasional


Hello there,

It's been awhile since my last newsletter! I hope you're doing well. My touring schedule has returned to something closer to normal. Thanks to everybody who has made it out to the shows and also to the venues who have presented the shows. It's been nice to see you all in person again.



There's been a lot to be grateful for, so I've been feeling lucky lately. As I write this, I'm in the middle of a 24-city tour of "On a Winter's Night" with Patty Larkin, Lucy Kaplansky and Cliff Eberhardt. That's more than twice the number of shows in the tour last year, and the turnouts have been very encouraging. As always, I've enjoyed making music with these incredibly talented musicians and longtime friends. It's been good to see so many of these venues full again after the last few years.


One Song Concerts

I also appreciate all of your visits to my One Song Concerts online, which I began posting weekly when I wasn't touring during COVID. Just Google John Gorka One Song Concerts if you'd like to find them-there's about 60 of them!

Click here for the John Gorka YouTube Channel



It's been great getting back out there again. Here are some highlights of '23

- Playing at Studios of Key West, on a rooftop in Key West in March

- Doing "On a Summer's Night" on Cape Cod in July at the Payomet Performing Arts Center in Truro, MA

- Opening for Peter Yarrow in October at Kent Stage, Kent Ohio. Had a chance to sing with Peter and his daughter, Bethany, on Where Have all the Flowers Gone?, If I had a Hammer, and Blowin' in the Wind

- Playing at the Moab Folk Festival and taking some time to roam around at the nearby Mill Canyon Dinosaur Bone Trail. (I used to be interested in fossils, now I am one).

- Being invited by Leo Kottke to open for him at the Ordway in November in St. Paul, MN, great fun and a real honor. Our last time sharing a show was in Santa Fe, NM, where we played together on The Water is Wide

- In December, returning to my main place of inspiration, Godfrey Daniel's, in Bethlehem, PA, where I also stopped by to tour the Martin Guitar Factory in Nazareth. It's grown so much since I visited there more than 20 years ago, still making my favorite guitars.

Just recently in 2024, I was so glad to be able to sit across from Tom Rush at his studio in Maine to record three episodes of his Patreon show, "Rockport Sundays."
It was great to hear him sing and play his 12-string guitar on Corina, Corina and other songs.


Returning home from one of the shows in the "On a Winter's Night" tour on Jan 31, I began another 4-day session as one of the instructors in Eliza Gilkyson's Casa de Musica song school (which is now via Zoom). As always, I end up inspired by the participants.

So, a little low on sleep and high on miles, but feeling very grateful for the work and all the experiences.

Recording a new album

Looking ahead, I have another record in the works. I'm working with producer/engineer Rob Genadek again at his Uptown Sounds studio. There will be some great players and singers, including but not limited to Enrique Toussant, Dirk Freymuth, and Jeff Victor.


Please check my website for upcoming shows

If you're interested, reservations are now being taken for a cruise up the Inside Passage on Aug. 16-23 from Vancouver B.C. to Seward, AK. I'll be playing three shows during the trip. You can find details here.

European tour in October
I'll also be doing a European trip in the fall, with shows in the Netherlands and possibly Italy, (land of my mother's people)

- Thursday, October 17 2024, Rootsclub @ De Schalm,Veldhoven (the Netherlands)
- Friday, October 18 2024, Accoustic Alley, Den Haag
(the Netherlands)
- Saturday, October 19, 2024, Ramblin' Roots festival, Utrecht
(the Netherlands)
- Sunday, October 20, 2024 De Oude Veiling, Aalsmeer
(the Netherlands)
- Tuesday, October 22, 2024 Crossroads Sessions , Bergen op Zoom
(the Netherlands)
- Thursday, October 24, 2024 Breugel, Bree (Belgium)
- Friday, October 25, 2024: Muziekpodium Bakkeveen, Bakkeveen
(the Netherlands)
- Saturday , October 26, 2024: In The Woods, Leusden
(the Netherlands)
- Sunday, October 27, 2024: Café de Amer, Amen
(the Netherlands)
- Monday, October 28, 2024: to Italy for five gigs

Love over fear.

John .

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