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John Gorka live at
Baby Grand Wilmington DE
Januari 25, 2008
Photos: Joe del Tufo


Gabi V
"I Saw A Stranger With Your Hair" - feat. Babs the dog

Added: October 9 , 2019

"Will I ever post a cover in its entirety? Seems like a no, but John Gorka's an actual genius so go listen to the original :) "




"World Ukulele"
Blues Palace -

Added: May 3, 2017






Mitch Barrett and Melody Youngblood
"Where the Bottles Break"

Added: January 20, 2017

"Recorded for SommerSessions Live music recording sessions in Kentucky and throughout the heartland. Support local music! "








Jason McGorty
"Holed Up Mason City" Solo Piano

Added: 1 june 1, 2015





Brother Flower
Love Is Our Cross To Bear

Added: April 26, 2015

live @ Appel Haarlem, April 25, 2015.



Wamaser (from Berlin, Germany)
You'r on Your Way
Added in 2013 on Soundcloud Click here to listen




Bill Griese
Houses in the Fields

Added: October 2013

"A rare on-site cover song I felt compelled to record live on beautiful Del Rio Pike in historic Franklin TN, where Pulte Homes is trying to build 800 high-density houses".







Glenn Martin
I Saw A Stranger With Your Hair

Added: October 13, 2012

Glenn Martin dedicated his version of the song to Rebecca JoAnn Reardon. She died in 2003.





Art 'Apaschuk"
Gypsy Life
Added: January 28, 2011



This is the first Russian John Gorka cover on this site!!

It's a (kind of) funny version of "Gypsy Life" played on Ukulele!





If I could forget to breathe
Added: September 8, 2010






'JOS an iz Geetar'
People my age
Added: December 26, 2009

A funny videoclip from
'JOS an iz Geetar'

(from the Netherlands)

#8 a John Gorka song, about growing old gracefully, I 've tried, but failed miserably. Dedicated to all my colleagues who want to look twenty, but they're not. Also to Anita's mother who is young at heart enough to be in this video, la la la la la la la lol.




Dimos Kassapidis
I saw a stranger with your hair
Added: January 25, 2012

Dimos lives in Greece and he played this song on Samos Island (near Turkey) in greece,

Recorded on a warm and almost windstill autumn evening in the south of the greek island of Samos, with spectacular view across the aegean sea, looking down on the islet of Samiopoula.





Art, Sieb and Onno
Let them in

Live at Qbus, Leiden, The Netherlands (April 9, 2010)

Art For Art's Sake is a semi-acoustic band nucleus, consisting of Art (vocals, guitar, slide), Sieb (bass, guitar, vocals) and Onno (keys, guitar, banjo, mandolin, ukelele, vocals, etc).

These three guys came from Leiden (the Netherlands)






maybe august
Christmas Bells
Added: December 29, 2009






Todd "TexasFrets"
Blue Chalk
Added: November 14, 2009

This is the 4th John Gorka cover from Todd (from Denton).





Mr Andy Blue
Like My Watch
Added: October 25, 2009

Mr Andy is 57 years old and he recorded this on his Album Cafe Phillippe, made the first verse into a chorus "Like my watch, I'm a little slow, I don't always go when I'm 'sposed to....






Kevin Duckett
Out of My Mind
Added: Augustus 9, 2009





Art, Sieb and Onno
Italian Girls
recorded: November 27, 2008
Added: December 9, 2008

These three guys came from Leiden (the Netherlands)




The Professors
I'm From New Jersey
Added: August 26, 2008

The Professors play "I'm From New Jersey" live at Lenfell Hall, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison, New Jersey, May 5, 2006.

Lead vocals by Meg Radford, age 15.





David Bryan
I saw a Stanger with your hair
Added: June 27, 2008





Let them In
Added: June 18, 2008





People My Age
Added: June 17, 2007





Let them In
Added: April 14, 2007





PS22 chorus
Christmas Bells
Added: November 17, 2007









Armed with a broken heart
Added: February 29, 2008






Lee and Keith
Love is Our Cross to Bear
Added: November 27, 2007





Brett Johnson
I'm From New Jersey
Added: January 16, 2008






Lee and Keith
Let them in
Added: November 23, 2006






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