..... .
John Gorka audio
with 96
radio programs

scroll down to hear (!) them all....



John Gorka live on WMNF 88,5 FM
"It's The Music!"

(Tampa, Florida)

Click here for the link

Monday January 22, 2018 John Gorka was in Tampa, Florida and he went to the radiostudio from WMNF 88.5 FM to play three songs from TRUE IN TIME in "It's the Music Monday" and he talked with host Ted Leo. John played Tattooed , Nazarene Guitar and The Body Parts Medley (19 minutes).




John Gorka in Germany
Live at Wilhelm13, Oldenburg, October 27, 2017
C Click here if you want to see videoclips from this evening (and the playlist)

Click here if you want to listen to the Radio Bremen Zwei live recordings from the John Gorka show in Oldenburg
  John Gorka was for the first time in 23 years in Germany!


  1. When Doves Cry
2. I'm From New Jersey
3. Land of the Bottom Line
4. Workin' in Corners (song by Nanci Griffith)
5. A Stranger With Your Hair
6. Let Them In
7. Branching Out
8. Like My Watch
9. Blue Chalk
10. Outnumbered
11. Dogs And Thunder
12. Outnumbered
13. Dogs And Thunder
14. Tattooed
15. You Don't Know Me (song by Cindy Walker)
16. (I'm Just A) Country Boy (song by Fred Hellerman of the Weavers)
17. Where The Bottles Break
18. Good Noise
19. People My Age
20. Love Is Our Cross To Bear
21. I Shall Be Released (John Gorka feat. Edo Donkers)




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A part the Rose Cousins session on Radio Heartland with John Gorka.

Click here to listen to the interview plus great version of "Gypsy Life"

9'30" , 128 KBPS








On September 15, 2016 John did a session and an interview with to John Platt for his "Sunday Supper" program on WFUW (aired on November 27, 2016)

Click on the article to listen to the great interview/songs.

Thanks John Platt for making such a nice show again!

25 MB ....25'35"













Click here to listen to DJ John Gorka.

John played on July 31, 2016 in 24 minutes 6 tracks of his new CD "Before Beginning".

Not every artist would jump at the chance to pair tracks off his new album “Before Beginning” with food – and that is exactly what John Gorka did! Find out John Gorka’s favorite foods and how they relate to songs on his new album! Warning: you may feel hungryduring AND after listening to this show.

24 minutes (16,6 MB)

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Click here to listen to the great Folkshow special with John Gorka

Click here to listen to Red Horse live in the NHPR studio with Kate McNally (August 15, 2011, 45 minutes)....................................................... Make a gift or donation to NHPR: Click here
Click here to listen to John live at the Folkshow with Kate McNally ((July 4, 2010)
Click here to listen to John Gorka live at the Folkshow at Front Porch Studio with Liz Bulkley in New Hampshire. NHPR Feb. 1, 2007






Click here for the John Gorka 'Six strings" concert review (January 22, 2016)







23,44 minutes,
320 KBPS
53,3 MB




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Hunter At Sunrise and hunteratsunrise.com









36,36 minutes,
128 KBPS,



-I'm From New Jersey
- Outnumbered
- Bright Side of Down
- Thirstier Wind
- saw a stranger with your hair

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90.7 FM North Shore
Community Radio




29,26 minutes,
64 KBPS, (13,4 MB)


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John Gorka did Sept 19, 2006 also a "KUMD In-Studio Session".
Click here to listen to this session


WKVT 100.3FM
458 Williams Street
Brattleboro, VT 05301

May 7, 2015. Singer/songwriter John Gorka talks on Green Mountain Mornings about making setlists on the fly and the state of folk music in the 21st century in advance of Saturday’s concert at NextStage Arts.
10'15" minutes
64 KBPS, (4,8 MB)



Simply Folk (March 22, 2015): Interview + these songs:
I'm From New Jersey ,
That's How Legends Are Made,
Bright Side of Down,
Thirstier Wind,
Really Spring

Stephanie Elkins is the host and producer of "Simply Folk” and “Morning Classics.” Elkins has been a music host on WPR since 2007, including co-hosting “The Midday” with Norman Gilliland. In addition to her on-air duties, Elkins served as WPR’s interim marketing director in 2009 and 2010. Click here for Stephanie's personal website

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36'40" minutes
64 KBPS, (16,7 MB)




10 minutes,
64 KBPS, (4,67 MB)


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........... 16,5 minutes, 128 KBPS, (15,1 MB)

Bleecker Street Cafe is a weekly Radio program -Noon to 3 PM every Friday- with "Conversatition & Folk music" from Chris Poh and Ed Petersen on WDVR 89.7 FM.
WDVR FM P.O. Box 191 Sergeantsville, New Jersey 08557

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29 minutes, 96 KBPS, 20 MB

Click on the photo above to listen to this podcast

Photo: Jeremy Rainer





32 minutes
128 KBPS
14,8 MB

I would like to thank Joltin Joe Pszonek for sending me the podcast...

Radio Nowhere, Host Joltin Joe The Mad Scientist, WMSC 90.3FM, Streaming @www.wmscradio.com 7-10pm eastern Sundays'. This is the interview part with John Gorka for this John Gorka radiopage on the video website, I edited the interview only...





Spring 2014 John Gorka and Antje Duvekot did a small tour and they also went to Rob Reinhart's great Radioshow "acoustic cafe".

24 minutes, 96 kbps,
April 24, 2014

Click on the photo for the podcast/link (17 MB).



Many thanks to the acoustic cafe sponsors for SX stuff... Subway, File Under Music and Taylor Guitars.






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The Daytrotter John Gorka session with Antje Duvekot

Spring 2014 John Gorka and Antje Duvekot did a small tour and in the daytime they went on April 24 into the Daytrotter studio and recorded 4 songs together. Here are the 2 songs John made (with Antje (harmony vocals) and on "John Gorka the Harmony singer" page you can find the two songs from Antje (with John)

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© 2014 "Broadcasted" by Daytrotter (not released on CD)









Bought by WTIP and KSRQ
Added: May 21, 2014

Northern Community Radio is an independent, nonprofit organization that operates a unique community-based public radio station, KAXE and KBXE. NCR serves most of north central, northeastern and northwestern Minnesota with a 100,000-watt signal originating in Grand Rapids at 91.7 FM and a 50,000-watt signal in Bemidji at 90.5 FM. Northern Community Radio also operates translators in Brainerd at 89.9 FM and in Bemidji at 105.3 FM







In 2014 The John Gorka videowebsite
uploaded a lot of old radio programs
like this one from March 1990.

All the 67 radio programs below are
updated now, so I hope you will like it!


.... .

Click here to listen to this
.... 'Live at Noon show' from
.... 1990 podcast (20 MB)



Photo: Ann Marsden







Click here to listen to this great show



53 minutes, 96 kbps, 36,6 MB

FolkScene is a syndicated music program established in 1970 featuring recorded music, and in studio live performances.

Howard Larman eloquently broadcasted to us for 37 years. Howard passed away in 2007, and though he is with us in every broadcast like this great show with John Gorka.



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..John Gorka live on Mountain Stage

Original Show Date: February 2, 2014
Radio Broadcast: April 18, 2014

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West Virginia Public Broadcasting.
Click here for three videos of
this great performance
Click on the photo above to listen/download the podcast
After 1:48:53 John Gorka will start








Listen to Dave’s Gone By episode #463 (Put a Gork in It, aired 3/22/14): Rabbi Sol Solomon chats w/ singer-songwriter John Gorka.


John Gorka slated to appear from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Central time on Saturday on a show called Dave’s Gone By. The show is streamed live on UNC Radio. He’s being interviewed by Rabbi Sol Solomon, who will also touch on the late David Brenner, composer Stephen Sondheim and Bob Dylan. The episode is titled “Put a Gork In It.” “I always wished I could be a sensitive new-age songwriter, but fate has consigned me to being an insensitive, old-fashioned crank,” the rabbi says. “Still, musicians like John Gorka remind us that songs can be thoughtful, amusing, uplifting and transporting – in other words, the antidote to me.”

Should you miss the live interview with Gorka, I am told that they are achived and that you can catch them for free at www.davesgoneby.com or on the Dave’s Gone By YouTube channel. >



















John Gorka live in the KUTX
studio (Dec 5, 2013)
KUT Public Media Studios 300 W. Dean Keeton (A0704) Austin,Texas.... Click here to support KUTX

John played three songs (click on the title)

Branching Out
Thirstier Wind
Wayfaring Stranger







  The last song John played in "John Gorka on The Blend" is The Youngbloods cover "Get Together"
"Get Together", also known as "Let's Get Together", is a song written in the early 1960s by American singer-songwriter Chet Powers (aka Dino Valenti). The song was originally recorded as "Let's Get Together" by The Kingston Trio and released on June 1, 1964, on their album Back in Town. While it was not released as a single, this version was the first to bring the song to the attention of the general public. The Kingston Trio often performed it live. A version of the song first broke into the top forty in 1965, when We Five, produced by Kingston Trio manager Frank Werber, released "Let's Get Together" as the follow-up to their top ten hit "You Were on My Mind". While it did not achieve the same level of success as the other, "Let's Get Together" provided the group with a second top forty hit on the Billboard Hot 100 when it peaked at number thirty-one. It would be their last. Jefferson Airplane recorded a version which was released on August 15, 1966, on their debut album, Jefferson Airplane Takes Off. In 1966, Chet Powers, in an effort to raise money for his legal defense on drug charges, sold the rights to the song to Frank Werber. Judy Collins performed the song live at the 1966 Newport Folk Festival, and her version was included on a later album compiling highlights of various Newport Festivals. From 1967-1969, "Get Together" was a staple in Joni Mitchell's shows, often playing the song as an encore. Reclusive singer-songwriter Nick Drake recorded "Get Together" at his home in England in early 1967, before releasing his debut album. Though some of these home recordings have been released on various rarities box sets, his version of this song has not yet been released. In 1967, The Youngbloods released their version of the song under the title "Get Together". It became a minor Hot 100 hit for them, peaking at number sixty-two. However, renewed interest in the Youngbloods' version came when it was used in a television public service announcement as a call for brotherhood by the National Conference of Christians and Jews. The Youngbloods' version, the most-remembered today, was re-released in 1969, peaking at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100" [Wikipedia]













Click here to listen to the audio stream




1490 WKVT-am
458 Williams Street
Brattleboro, VT 05301







You can listen or download this "Live from Studio A" show (49 kbps, 12 MB)


John Gorka did Sept 19, 2006 also a "KUMD In-Studio Session".
Click here
to listen to this program. (
1'23", 48 kbps)

KUMD is licensed to the Board of Regents of the University of Minnesota Duluth. Click here to support KUMD







  Nice interview: John is talking about Red Horse and he is talking about his children (playing "Black Birds" with his daughter...) John is playing: " I'm From New Jersey","If These Walls Could Talk" and " Lightning's Blues".

WCLZ - 98.9 FM 420 Western Ave. South Portland, ME 04106






You can to listen to Up Close And Acoustic on WBZH Pottstown Pennsylvania as well as http://www.wbzh.net. You can also listen on WCHE in West Chester, PA.   Good interview (23 minutes)





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Click here to support Folkscene   .

It is a pitty FOLKSCENE did not save the show on internet so the John Gorka videosite archived this show. You can download the nearly two hours for your Ipod (26 MB).


Producer Peter Cutler wrote about this evening with Rose Cousins and John Gorka on Facebook: "Another wonderful show, John! And Rose Cousins...WOW!!! Love her and the two of you together!! :-)"









Red Horse performs live at 88.1 KDHX in St. Louis.
Recorded april 20, 2012

..................................................................................................................................................................................................... All images by Chris Bay

This is certainly the case with singer-songwriters Eliza Gilkyson, John Gorka and Lucy Kaplansky, who make up Red Horse. As individuals, these artists have years of experience with several albums worth of material under their belts, but here, they put their collective energy together for a project that showcases their strengths in a band setting.

The folk scene surrounding Red House Records has always been tight-knit, with performers sitting in on each other’s songs. However, Red Horse takes the camaraderie to a new level. While new material from each songwriter is present, as well as a cover song each from the three


performers, what's unique about this triumvirate is that they each allow one of the other members of the group to reinterpret one of their songs. By turns, each artist takes a back seat as one of their two fellow bandmates sings lead on one of their songs. Reinterpretation is the sincerest form of flattery, especially when the songwriter gets to play along and harmonize.

With sparse instrumentation and lush vocal harmonies, these songs demonstrate that Gilkyson, Gorka and Kaplansky are in their prime as artists with a sound as rich as the broken in wood of the guitars they play.

Sound by Jon Valley

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Sean Patrick Donovan had a nice conversation with John Gorka
and John played three songs (for example a wonderfull version
of Bill Morissey's "She's That Kind Of Mystery"). Click on the
'photo' -above- to listen to the show.

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. 192 Kbps,
(High quality!)


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. 192 Kbps,
(High quality!)



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Click here if you want to read more about "Friend of Mine:The Bill Morrissey Tribute Concert" or if you want to see a couple of videoclips of this concert.    







John Gorka and Eliza Gilkyson live at Tonic Sept 26, 2011

Click on the "photo" to listen John and Eliza live in the studio

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John Gorka and Lucy Kaplansky (Elisa was live in Studio 1a KUT, Austin Texas.

Recorded on November 12, 2011


This is a very nice interview with John and Lucy. The sound quality of the three songs is very good too!

- Blue Chalk (by Lucy)
- If These Walls Could Talk (by John)
- Sanctuary (by Lucy)



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John Gorka and Eliza Gilkyson live at Woodsongs Sept 26, 2011


Click on the "photo" to listen to high quality version of the "Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour" (128 kbps, it's possible to download the show)

Recorded (September 26, 2011) at
The Kentucky Theater in Lexington.

Click here to see all the Woodsongs sponsors (and links)







.....Photos made by Stephan Hoglund click here for all ten photos. Click here to support Mountain Stage (West Virginia Public Broadcasting).









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Click on the "photo" to listen to a John Gorka live show (more than 2 hours!)

Recorded Saturday Jul. 30, 2011, at Narrows Center For The Arts in Fall River (MA)

After 10 minutes John will sing the Tim Hardin song "Lady Came From Baltimore". After 45 minutes the Bob Dylan cover "Just like a Woman" . After 1'57"John will play (and sing) a new song on his fretless banjo, and his last song is his Jack Hardy and BillMorrissey tribute song "A coda for Bill"









Click here to listen to Red Horse live in the NHPR studio (August 15, 2011, 45 minutes)

Lucy Kaplansky, John Gorka, and Eliza Gilkyson of Red Horse stop by the NHPR studio to play a few tunes

If you wish to become a sustaining member of NHPR, please click here.






Click here to support Folk Alley Click on the photo for the link to Folk Alley to listen to this concert.
After sixteen minutes you will hear the first John Gorka song. Pete Seeger will come on stage for two songs after twenty-five minutes. After forty-five minutes John will do his second song "Ignorance & Privilege" with a funny intoduction. You will hear the new song "A coda for Bill" after one hour and seven minutes. After that one they all sing "The water is wide".








John Gorka talked with Jay Moberg about the Red Horse project, Jack Hardy and Bill Morrissey. He played "Don't Mind Me" and "If These Walls Could Talk". He also played the Jack Hardy song "Potter's Field" and a brand new untitled song. John wrote this song just after Bill Morrissey passed away. It's called "A coda for Bill ("Don't Judge a Life by How It Ends")". ......

< John Gorka, his favorite banjo and Jay Moberg after Live at Noon.

WUMB Radio | University of Massachusetts 100 Morrissey Boulevard Boston MA 02125-3393.


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.27 min.


Become NPR sponsor: Click here

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West Virginia Public Broadcasting.






I found an old Morningshow with DJ John Gorka. He was playing his favorite records in the Morning show on January 12, 2005 with Dale Connelly. You have to skip parts of the show with weather and sport news but you can use the time table above....

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51 minutes
, 32 kbps








. 32 Kbps,

John Gorka
live on Minnesota Public Radio, Nov 3, 2010 (16'38")














. 32 Kbps,
22,5min. 5,15MB

John Gorka
live onthe local
station RTV N-H
(Amsterdam area) in the Netherlands, Sept 4, 2010












.................. 20 Kbps, 41,10 min.

Thanks New Hampshire Public Radio!
Click here to support NHPR.






WUMB Radio | University of Massachusetts 100 Morrissey Boulevard Boston MA 02125-3393............................. Click here to support WUMB












John Gorka live in Virginia on 101.5 The Music Place
(3 songs, March 5, 2010)


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26,5 min. 32 kbps
.......You can also download
........the program. (6,1 MB)

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..........to support WNKU



















18,5 min. 64 kbps
.......You can also download
........the program. (8,5 MB)

.........Click here if you want
..........to see two songs. "I'm
......... from New Jersey" and
........ "I think of you".









31 minutes, 128 kbps

John Gorka live in the Radio Heartland studio with Dale Connelly

Songs performed:

"I Think of You,"
"Where No Monuments Stand" and
"Ignorance And Privilege"

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....click here to support etown

,.....64 KBPS,... 32 minutes

John Gorka (and Hut Buttered Rum), performed at the live taping of e-town at the Boulder theater on July 12, 2009. It was aired in the last week of august 2009. Click on the photo and you will hear a very high-quality podcast. You also can download this program ( 14,6 MB)










.................. 96 Kbps, 56,08 min.


John Gorka played on 'Naked Song festival' in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, on may 30, 2009. The VPRO broadcasted the event.







Click here to support Folk Alley...........................................John Gorka met Jim Blum in the Folk Alley studios in a conversation about life as a folk musician (48 kbps)..







.................. 64Kbps, 10 min.

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John Gorka live on VPRO Radio
Public Radio in the Netherlands October 24, 2008

Photos: Willem Leeuwenhoek

  Click here for the link
The John Gorka part of "Cantina" on Radio 6 with host Leo Blokhuis. (27 minutes, 12,5 MB)




John Gorka
live at McCabes Guitar Shop
Santa Monica, Ca
November 24, 1998

.. Click here to listen to
......this concert

......... 40Kbps,
93 min.28 MB

This is the only recording on this page that was not broadcasted on the radio






.. Interview

......... 37Kbps,
14,5 min. 3,9 MB










Scroll down to see the other link to an earlier interview from Tracy Thackrah (in 2003)







In 2014 I found out the link was "dead" but I found a new link to this session with Jess Klein and John Gorka. The whole session is 36 minutes. John Gorka played Writing in the Margins & Snow Don't Fall.

Here are a couple of photos from this session.


Click here to support wyep 91.3 fm in Pittsburgh, PA.











12,5 minutes 128 kbps

John Gorka played the new song "My Buddy Frank"

John Gorka talks about the DVD with Jim Ed Poole.

On the John Gorka.com forum page John Gorka wrote a reply about "My Buddy Frank":

The version I played on the radio was a work in progress. I believe it is closer to being done now. A friend of Frank's asked me to write the song for him. I'll explain more at a later date. I don't know if Frank has heard the song yet. Frank's friend Joe liked it okay. It was intended for an audience of 2-5 people. All for now,
John G.

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34 Kbps... 5,9 MB

Exclusive on this site!

I uploaded this radio-
performance from dec
again, because I
had enough MB on the
new John Gorka video-


Contribute here to Utah
Public Radio




....click here to support etown

197 KBPS,... 59:00 minutes

John Gorka and Chris Hillman, performed at the live taping of e-town at the Boulder theater on February 25, 2007. It was aired Apr 18-Apr 24, 2007. Click on the photo and you will hear a very high-quality podcast. You also can download this program (84,1 MB!!)

Christian Teele, drummer, not pictured, and Chris Engleman, bassist, center, are members of the "E tones," the house band for E-town. They are rehearsing a show with John Gorka, right, on Feb. 25, 2007.

John Gorka, left, and Chris Engleman......................... Photos: Cliff Grassmick














128 KBPS,... 59:32 minutes



Ben Wakeman is songwriter and host of "Take Me To The Bridge" podcast. Ben made a very special program with John Gorka. It's an hour long interview with John Gorka and John performs a couple of live tracks on march 11, 2007 (please click on the left photo/text for the link)





In 2014 I uploaded this show myself (23 MB),because the NHPR link
was gone.

Recorded on Thursday, February 1, 2007 in the Front Porch studio with Liz Bulkley
in New Hampshire

Click here to download the photo above (the left one): 692 x 1024
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33 minutes, 64 kbps










.64 Kbps .21,5 minutes

KVMR 401
Spring St.
Nevada City
CA 95959


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23 minutes 128 kbps

John Gorka goes Bob Marley!
Please listen to the last song!

John Gorka likes Bob Marley and "Three Little Birds" is a Bob Marley song! In January 2007 this song was the MP3 of the month...

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to support KFAI

A Phone call with John Gorka
on november 6, 2006

Good Noise with hosts Roger Purdy and Dale Loomer
12 minutes, 42 kbps

Click here to listen to the interview













48 kbps
32 minutes

Set list:

"I'm From New Jersey"
"Arm's Length"
"Broken Palace"
"Unblindfold the Reference"
"Snow Don't Fall"
"Excuse Me Mr. Manring" (Michael Manring solo)
"I Saw a Stranger with Your Hair"
"Writing in the Margins"

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Nice interview (30 minutes) ........81 kbps, 18,2 MB











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The Morning Show Holiday Pageant and Variety Show
Dec 9, 2005

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Listen in to the Morning Show's annual holiday gala...21 kbps

Dale Connelly and Jim Ed Poole are joined by singers John Gorka and Kate Campbell, and the Morning Show Radio Players present "The Gift of the Magi" in the Fritzgerald Theatre in St. Paul.
You can listen to 6 songs: After 56 minutes you can hear: "Like my watch", "I saw a stranger with your hear" and "Have yourself a merry little Christmas". And after 1'45"you can listen to: "When she kisses me", "Snow don't fall" (a Townes van Zandt song) "Christmas bells" and at the end of the programm: "People get ready" .







John Gorka
in Radio Times

monday 8/25/2003



with Marty Moss Coane
Click here to support WHYY

I still love the mondaymorning show "Radio Times on WHYY
with John Gorka and Michael Manring as studio guests
I uploaded the show in 2014 because the link was "dead" (35 MB, 64 kbps)

An intelligent talk show dealing with issues of the Delaware Valley, as well as issues of national and global concern. Tune in weekday mornings from 10 to noon and discover why Philadelphia Magazine called Radio Times the best radio program in Philly. Marty sits down with singer song-writer JOHN GORKA who plays his guitar and talks about his career and John's latest album, "Old Futures Gone".

..1 .....Intro Radio Times
2..... Always (CD Track)
..3..... Interview
..4..... Love Is Our Cross To Bear (Live At WHYY)
..5 .....Interview
..6 .. ..WHYY 91 FM Information
..7..... B.B. King Was Wrong (CD Track)
..8..... Interview
..9.... .Old Futures Gone (Live At WHYY)
10..... Interview
11..... WHYY 91 FM Information
12..... People My Age (CD Track)
13 .....Interview
14 .....Zuly (Live At WHYY)
15 .... Interview







.38Kbps, 15,5 minutes, 4,5 MB



After 5 years you can listen to this archived show on the John Gorka videosite!!! (Thank you Tray Thackrah for sending me this Radioprogram)






John Gorka in the Morning Show on MPR (Minnesota Public Radio

Archived audio10/29/2003 ..
20Kbps,18 minutes

Singer-songwriter John Gorka stopped by to tell Dale Connelly and Jim Ed Poole about his CD Old Futures Gone

Click here to support MPR







recorded in april 2002
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64 kbps






John Gorka On WMWV (Sept 24,2000)
ive Years ago you could listen to this radio programm on WMWV (40 minutes) Now you can listen to this archived show again on the John Gorka videosite!!!

John Gorka Interview -
Part One ... (1,2 MB, 10'22")
John Gorka performing - Cypress Trees
.. (0,8 MB, 3'16")
John Gorka Interview - Part Two
... (2,4 MB, 19'26")
John Gorka performing - Oh Abraham
...(1,3 MB. 5'14")

.photo by Ecoutez! 2001.










40 kbps


John Gorka live at McCabes Guitar Shop Santa
Monica,Ca.. (November 24, 1998)

Click here for the link


This is the only recording on this page that was not broadcasted on the radio

track 03 has 1-second mic noise at 2:19, and 3:04


01. intro
02. Like My Watch
03. Heroes
04. I'm from New Jersey
05. Blue Chalk
06. Land of the Bottom Line
07. I Know
08. When the Ice Goes Out
09. Cypress Trees
10. Where the Bottles Break
11. Let Them In
12. I Saw a Stranger with Your Hair
13. Thorny Patch
14. Body Parts medley / Big Butt Song
15. Silence
16. When He Cries
17. Houses in the Fields
18. After Yesterday
19. What a Wonderful World
20. Love Is Our Cross to Bear




Globale Dorfmusik Live

Folkbarde John Gorka war 1994
zum Konzert in der Schauburg












John Gorka live in Schauburg, kleiner Saal
September 19,1994

Click here for the link to listen to this show
20 Kbps,54:251minutes

01 Furniture
02 B.B. King Was Wrong
03 Carnival Knowledge
04 I'm From New Jersey
05 Land Of The Bottom Line
06 Baby Blues
07 That's Why
08 Good
09 Always Going Home
10 Where The Bottles Break
11 Mystery To Me
12 Love Is Our Cross To Bear
13 Branching Out -fades out-

You can also Download this show (54 MB, 140 kbps)






John Gorka live at
KPFK Studios "Folkscene"

Recorded March 26, 1991 in Los Angeles, Ca, USA

25th Anniversary Special-short segments of live
performances played

- Silence
- Interview
- Land Of The Bottom Line

Click here to listen this program
After 41'26" you can hear John Gorka (12,5 minutes)

....40Kbps, 77 minutes







The playlist of this program :
Chris Gaffney & Cold Hard Facts April 26, 1992
01 Way To Survive
02 Interview
03 Never Grow Up
04 Interview
05 When The Wind Blows

Clannad (McCabes Guitar Shop) October 20, 1979
06 Banter
07 The Full Jug > Coo Coo My Yellow Blackbird
08 Banter
09 Coo Coo La Roon

Shawn Colvin December 13, 1989

10 Another Long one
11 Interview
12 Shotgun Down The Avalanche

John Gorka March 26, 1991
13 Silence
14 Interview
15 Land Of The Bottom Line

John Hiatt March 26, 1978

16 Alive And Well
17 Interview
18 Ain't That Crazy
19 Outro

Battlefield Band October 7, 1982

21 Outro

Maria Mulduar December 1972

22 Midnight At The Oasis





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