John Gorka videosession 2013

On December 16, 2013 John Gorka recorded a brand new videosession for this website. This week you can see a preview: "Love was good to me"


.... 475 John Gorka videoclips
Last update: John Gorka live at the The Center for the Arts in Natick (TCAN) on April 5th, 2014 (eight videos made by Leigh-Ann Pellerin // John Gorka live at 91.3fm WYEP in Pittsburgh (2 songs plus interview), January 30, 2014./ / John Gorka and Antje Duvekot live at The Triple Door, Seattle, WA. March 8, 2014. (8 songs) // John Gorka and Antje Duvekot Live at Alberta Rose Theater, Portland, OR. March 7, 2014 // John Gorka performs "Give Us Back Our Water (A Letter to Charleston)" live on Mountain Stage (plus two other songs) , Feb 2, 2014// John Gorka visited the tpt Almanac tv studio and he played the new song "Outnumbered" (February 14, 2014) // John Gorka with "Thirstier Wind" on Minnesota Original on October 23, 2013. This is a Minnesota Twin Cities Public Television program (aired: February 14, 2014). // John Gorka live at Woodland Park Zoo, August 15,1990 Lenght: 1 hour & 41 minutes!


The CD (2014)
bright side of down
Information about the songs, the front & back cover art, the recording process, reviews, etc. etc.


With a lot of information about the 13 CD's and ofcourse the DVD.

.... 64 radio programs with John Gorka
Last update: Dave’s Gone By episode #463 (Put a Gork in It, aired 3/22/14): Rabbi Sol Solomon chats w/ singer-songwriter John Gorka // On SiriusXM "The Village" John is your host for every new song of his new record "bright side of life". ( Feb 23, 2014, 45 minutes) // Live & Direct with John Gorka on WYEP 91.3 FM (4 new songs and nice interview on Jan.30, 2014 // John Gorka live in the KUTX studio, Dec 5, 2013 (John played one new song! and 2 older songs).

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Last update: Singer-songwriter to bring ‘Bright Side of Down’ to Ann Arbor ,April 17, 2014 // Life Journey: A Conversation with John Gorka" The Huffington Post by Mike Ragogna (March 31, 2014) // Interview "John Gorka Looks on the Bright Side" about the CD on CMT by Brian T. Atkinson (March 25, 2014) //
bright side of down reviews (5) // John Gorka to perform at Red Dragon Listening Room on Jan. 14, 2014 . //Music as Refuge: the Life of John Gorka. Interview by Brian D'Ambrosio in the Huffington Post, January 4, 2014 // John Gorka live at "Meneer Frits", Eindhoven, Dec 16, 2013 Concert review in Belgium Magazine/website Rootstime.BE (Dec 2013) //
  New DVD: John Gorka live at Tales from the Tavern


This is a live concert along with an interview – from John’s 2013 performance at Tales from the Tavern.

Click here for more information and three video clips.


John Gorka's Top 16 of 2012

John made a new "Top Ten" in December 2012 and the John Gorka videowebsite made the multi media lay-out of it...


... The John Gorka tour in the Netherlands 2013
The John Gorka tour in the Netherlands took place from December 12 til December 16. You can find 22 videos and photos from the tour and a brand new videosession!!

..... Pete Seeger, Dies At 94
Article about Pete Seeger (plus several Pete seeger songs by John Gorka) January 28, 2013

.... John Gorka the Harmony Singer (34 tracks)
Last update:
CD: John Gorka did Harmony vocals on the 10th track (CD1) "Before the Deluge" (Eliza Gilkyson) CD: Various Artists Looking into You: A Tribute to Jackson Browne (April 2014) // John did the harmony vocals on Lucy's new CD in his hotel room!

.... The Red Horse Website
11 CD reviews, live broadcasting, videos, interviews, etc.


Eliza Gilkyson interview

An interview about John Gorka and a live version of 'Where No Monument Stands'. Recorded in the Hague, the Netherlands, April 25, 2012.

.... The John Gorka video site session 2010
Last update: I am proud to present the second John Gorka video session. I had the chance to record three songs on September 6, 2010. I am very glad with the results. I hope you like it too! Click here if you want to see the first session (Oct 25, 2008).

.... John Gorka video Interview
Last update: For the videosite I did an interview with John Gorka on may 31, 2009. We talked about his new CD "So dark you see", his musical taste, family life etc. You can also listen to music John played with Ricky Koole (and Berber Heerema) at the private party of Willem Leeuwenhoek en Peter ter Horst in the Hague.

John Gorka videosite session with Meg Hutchinson and Antje Duvekot

Sept 2013 update:
"Gypsy life" by Antje and Meg!!

.... Other John Gorka stuff
Jack Hardy passed away on March 11, 2011. The song "Jack's Crows" based on Jack Hardy.// On this page you also will find John Gorka Tourdates and several links.

..John Gorka in Lithuania

A lot of information about John Gorka his second tour in Eastern Europe (October 2012)


The John Gorka tour in the Netherlands 2012

In February 17-21, 2012 John Gorka did five great shows in the Netherlands and he made a brand new videosession. Click on the link for 21 vidoclips and a lot of photos

.... Biography
From the early Godfrey Daniels years til now...

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Last update: "Get Together" (Youngbloods cover played live at WDIY 88.1 (August 2, 2013) in "John Gorka on the Blend" // John Gorka and Janis Ian with "In My Life" (The Beatles cover) Live at Clearwater's Great Hudson River Revival (1997). // "A Tribute To Jack Hardy" John Gorka his studio version of the song "Down Where the Rabbits Run". The double CD "A Tribute To Jack Hardy" with Christine Lavin, Lucy Kaplansky, Richard Shindell etc will be available later this year on Smithsonian Folkways Recordings.

.... 38 songs sung by other artists
Last update: Antje Duvekot with "Gypsy Life" live in Amsterdam (Paradiso May 16, 2013) // Other Roads "Good Noise" (Tilburg, Nov 22, 2012) // Eliza Gilkyson (& Jens Lysdal) with "Where No Monument Stands"

The Gypsy Life Fansite

This is a link to the first John Gorka fansite made by Cynthia Susan Finn and Paula Bryn Benson (1999-2006)

.... 27 fans with JG covers on YOUTUBE
Last update: Glenn Martin "I saw a stranger with your hair" // A funny Russian Ukulele version of Gypsy Life!!!!

.... Photos
Last update: 48 great Red Horse photos live at TCAN Centre for Arts in Natick, MA. (January 6, 2012) // A more than great photo serie (56 photos) made by Joe del Tufo: John Gorka live at Arden Gild Hall March 11, 2011

John Gorka session 2012

Five songs (20 minutes) recorded February 21, 2012 in The Hague, the Netherlands


Photographer Ann Marsden dies at 55

Ann Marsden died July 8, 2012 after a long fight with cervical cancer. She made mostly all the "official" John Gorka photos. Ann made beautiful photos, we shall miss her ......




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